Guess the dip price of Bitcoin, get the big Bitcoin prize.

10,000 uniquely generated NFTs on Aptos Blockchain. Also, they are all random guesses. The winners will receive prizes.

How does the fortune wheel work?

Guess the Dip is the very first experimental guessing competition in the NFT space. The aim is to guess the dip price of BTC/USD until the next halving (in 2024). Each NFT represents a BTC price in USD and acts like a lottery ticket for the competition. The winner NFT is the one with the matching number on it at the dip price of BTC in the 2022 bull cycle.

We set the boundaries of BTC/USD price the top at $17,620 and the bottom price at $3,000. Between this range, there are 10,000 NFTs randomly generated with different BTC/USD prices This is a project and we collect 5% royalty fees from each transaction. The 5% of the transaction fees collected until the next halving in 2024 will go to the winner NFT holder. The remaining 5% will go to the last digit matching number of all the NFTs evenly distributed (i.e, if the dip price is 14,502, then all the NFTs with an ending number of '2' will get a share of the price).

What is there a reward system for guessers?

Grand Prize:
The matching NFT of the dip price of BTC/USD will get the whole 30% of the royalty fees.

Lucky Prize:
The matching last digit of all NFTs with the Bitcoin dip price of BTC/USD will share 20% of royalty fees.


We're holding Bitcoin.

We are the guessers who carry Bitcoin on their shoulders just as Atlas carries the world. As these guessers, we all got together in Discord and turned that market expectation into a public conversation. Namely, we have met at the last point where Bitcoin can fall. Guess The Dip means turning into a collection that lives and communicates the current state of the market, which is the main agenda of the entire crypto community.

Guess how flourishing the community is.

Our warm welcoming community continues its interesting activities together on discord. It started with discussions about Bitcoin's dip price. It has become a community where technical analyzes are shared and enthusiasts abound. Now, every day since August 4, we have been playing the guessing game of the value of bitcoin, giving out dollar prizes to the winners. Just like our upcoming project itself, huh?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guess the Dip?

Guess the Dip is a NFT collection inspired by the evolution of Bitcoin. 10,000 NFT collection will be 1 APT to mint by the whitelist holders. In every cycle, we spot a dip price of Bitcoin, so if you believe yourself as a good guesser, we will make you happy if you guess it right.

Why the Guess The Dip collection created?

Bitcoin whales always wonder what will be the dip price of Bitcoin, so everybody tries to guess the dip, if you can guess the dip price of Bitcoin, you will get the big Bitcoin prize by whales, this collection will help the legend guesser and will be known among all the whales in history.

Is there a reward system for other guessers?

Yes. For example, if you correctly guess the last digit of Bitcoin at the dip price, for example, if the BTC dip price is 11,558, then the last digit number ‘8’ will be the lucky last digit and all of the NFTs whose last digit are also ‘8’, will also win the small prize from the prize pool.

What is the total supply?

10,000 NFTs

What is the mint price?


When is the release date?

29.11.2022 20.00 GMT

How do I get a whitelist?

There will be different activities and challenges in our Discord to get a spot. Just be active, vibe and keep on believing!

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